Advanced Steel Design - Plastic and Fatigue analysis

Datum: 2016-04-15-2016-04-15 | Sista anmälningsdag: 2016-04-15

The course is given in cooperation with Structural Engineering Centre (Konstruktionscentrum) at Chalmers.
This is a one day course, aiming for designers in need for deeper knowledge in the fields Plastic- and Fatigue analysis.
Two of the best lectures in Sweden within this area will lead the course, professor Mikael Möller and professor Mohammad Al-Emrani.
The curse will guide you from a basic level to an advanced level in plastic- and fatigue analysis.

Fatigue analysis (morning session)
Professor Mohammad Al-Emrani will give the lectures on fatigue analysis:
– Principles and limitations when using fatigue analysis with the nominal stress method
– Problems and solutions when analyzing fatigue problems with FEM-calculations
– Background and applications on fatigue analysis when using local methods, such as the hot-spot and ENS-method
– Examples on how to use local methods
– An introduction, including examples, on how to use linear elastic fracture mechanic in fatigue calculations.
Plastic analysis (afternon session)
Professor Mikael Möller will give the lectures on plastic analysis:
– Basics in the theory of plasticity including yielding conditions and constitutive modeling
– Lower and upper bound theorems of plasticity with applications
– Limit analysis methods covering conditions on plasticity resistance for cross section under combined loads, beams and plates
– Calculation of elastoplastic resistance using FEM-analysis with conditions according to Eurocode 3.
Time: Friday, april 15th 2016, 09:00-17:00
Fees: Members in SBI 3500 SEK, others 5000 SEK
Included in the course fee is food and documentation.

The course will be given in English.

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